We are a state and nation of laws.  It is what binds our democracy together.  It is our glue for a safe and civil society. Attorney General Todd oppose lawlessness in our streets.  He believes we must uphold the rule of law and supports our men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line to protect Hoosiers.  Todd will never support de-funding our police.

As Attorney General, Todd Rokita has successfully kept criminals behind bars who sought appeals. And, Todd was the first Attorney General in the entire nation to sue Joe Biden over his failed border policies. Todd knows our nation’s open border is bringing deadly drugs, criminals, and even those on terrorist watch lists across our border. 

Todd’s goal is to protect every family in Indiana and he has a proven record of success throughout his public service. 

As our Secretary of State, prior to serving as Attorney General, Todd created Indiana’s Prosecution Assistance Unit (PAU) within his office to help find, and bring to justice, white collar criminals targeting our senior citizens and families for financial fraud.   Working hand-in-hand with local law enforcement and prosecutors, his efforts were successful in gaining over 300 years of jail time against those harming Hoosiers. 

Our nation’s government was founded on a system of checks and balances.  Our system ensures that power is not concentrated in the hands of any one person or government entity.  This is essential for liberty.

So, Todd has stood up and fought back time and time again for us. Todd successfully stopped Biden mask and vaccine mandates.  And, Todd challenged Biden’s  WOTUS Rules to help our farmers and keep jobs in Indiana.

Our United States Constitution was written to ensure we have checks and balances in Washington with three separate branches of government: a Judiciary, Congress, and the Presidency.  

It was also written to ensure that our States would have a large degree of local control.  The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

As our Attorney General, Todd consistently stands up to federal overreach when Washington bureaucrats seek to impose their will, outside the law and Constitution, on our job creators and citizens.

It is critical that we protect Hoosiers from the heavy hand of the federal government.  


As our Attorney General Todd Rokita has stood up for taxpayers and successfully recovered millions for Hoosiers. He has:

  • Secured over $1 Billion in legal settlements for taxpayers in 3 years-a state record.
  • Returned a record $81 million+ in unclaimed property to Hoosiers in one year.
  • Recovered millions of our tax dollars from welfare theft and fraud.
  • Sued Google and got $700 million for violating Hoosier’s privacy.

It is a proven record of accomplishment. 

It is no surprise. As Secretary of State, prior to his service as Attorney General, Todd ran his office on less taxpayer funds than predecessors going back nearly 20 years. He annually reverted funds back to the state instead of asking for increases.

Todd has a consistent and proven record of standing behind our job creators here in Indiana.

For multiple years Todd earned the NFIB’s Guardian of Small Business Award for supporting our small businesses.  Todd has long opposed red tape which smothers economic growth and he has opposed high taxes which harm our job creators.

As our Attorney General, Todd has worked with Attorneys General from around the nation to stop liberal efforts which would impede job growth in our state.

Protecting jobs is why as our Attorney General Todd challenged Biden’s WOTUS Rules that would harm our farmers.

Todd will never back down in protecting Indiana’s economy.

Todd Rokita is fighting for parent voices and against woke ideology.

Todd authored Indiana’s first “Parents Bill of Rights.” Todd knows it is essential that parents a strong voice in their children’s education. 

Todd has worked to protect womens’ and girls’ sports from the dangerous transanity of placing biological males in competitions.

And, Todd has worked to stop CRT in classrooms so that all kids can focus on the important basic building blocks of a strong education, not be forced to endure extreme politics in the classroom. 

Todd will always stand up for Hoosier common sense and values.

Todd Rokita received the Indiana Right to Life’s “Champion of Life” Award for his work protecting life.

As our Attorney General Todd has consistently worked to uphold Indiana’s strong Pro-Life law passed by the Indiana General Assembly.

Todd also worked to reinstate parental consent and won court cases which lifted an injunction on stopping  dismemberment abortions, which occur well after the unborn baby is fully developed.

Our Declaration of Independence which helped establish our nation stated that we are created equal and that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Life is the very foundation of our democracy. 

For Todd, and his wife Kathy, being Pro-Life is personal.  

Their son Teddy was born with Angelman Syndrome. Teddy cannot speak, does not walk well and has a severe intellectual disability.  Todd has always said that God gave them Teddy and that he will change the world for the better in his own way. They believe every life is precious.

Todd has consistently stood up for our Constitutional  liberties, including the freedom of religion, our 2nd Amendment, and freedom of speech.

We are blessed to have a Constitution which defends the right to practice our faith without fear.  These freedoms go hand-in-hand with the freedom of speech. 

Too often these freedoms are called into question.  Todd has worked to ensure our nation continues to have a fair exchange of ideas. 

As our Attorney General Todd has also worked to protect our 2nd Amendment liberties by publishing a “Gun Owner’s Bill of Rights” and by suing Biden’s ATF to protect those rights.

Todd has also been an outspoken critic of social media company attempts to limit freedom of speech, especially political voices in our democracy. 

In addition to opposing any efforts to allow our economy to be shut down again as it was during the pandemic, Todd will oppose having our Churches and synagogues shut down again by mandate. The Constitution does not stop being applicable because of an emergency. Our constitution protects every citizens God-given rights. By being responsible, exercising basic Hoosier common sense, we should never again be needlessly shut in our houses. 



Todd knows we must be on guard for China’s attempts to harm our nation.

That’s why Todd helped shut down an communist China
Confucius Institute right here in Indiana. 

Todd has consistently stood up to China. Prior to his service as Attorney General,  while in federal office Todd held China accountable all the way to the World Economic Forum.

As a leader who helped stop illegal and unwanted robocalls, Todd has successfully  ensured the law is enforced and that groups who seek to undermine these protections are pushed back. 

Simply having the law in place is no longer an adequate protection.  More and more groups are seeking exceptions to the rule and technology has outpaced the existing statute. 

Todd has challenged illegal robo calls in court and he won’t back down in protecting Hoosiers.