We are a state and nation of laws.  It is what binds our democracy together.  It is our glue for a safe and civil society.

As our next Attorney General Todd will oppose lawlessness in our streets.  He will uphold the rule of law.   He will support our men and women in law enforcement who put their lives on the line to protect Hoosiers.  Todd will not support de-funding our police.

In supporting the rule of law Todd will encourage our courts to follow the letter of the law not legislate from the bench.

Our goal should be to protect every family in Indiana.

As our Secretary of State, elected twice, Todd created Indiana’s Prosecution Assistance Unit (PAU) within his office to help find, and bring to justice, white collar criminals targeting our senior citizens and families for financial fraud.   Working hand-in-hand with local law enforcement and prosecutors, his efforts were successful in gaining over 300 years of jail time against those harming Hoosiers. 

As Attorney General, Todd will partner with law enforcement again to create similar prosecution assistance units within the AG’s office.  

Todd recognizes several areas where specialized investigators housed in the Attorney General’s Office could help prosecutors make cases and keep our communities safe from crime.

Financial Crimes Prosecution Assistance Unit (PAU) specifically to assist local jurisdictions: Local jurisdictions may lack the expertise and resources needed to investigate complex financial crimes.  The AG’s Office could provide forensic accountants or other trained financial crimes investigators to assist local prosecutors in solving and prosecuting these crimes.  The AG’s office can provide this assistance when asked but preserve 100% percent discretion for the local prosecutors to file charges as individual liberty over government is best preserved by decentralizing power as much as possible.

Cyber Crimes and Digital Media Analysis:  This specialization area is particularly important when fighting internet crimes against children.  Some areas of the State have partnered with university computer science departments to provide expertise in accessing evidence stored on computers and mobile digital devices.  As Attorney General, Todd will work with the State’s university system to make such programs available to prosecutors all across our state.

Elder Abuse: Crimes against the elderly is a severe and growing problem.  A prosecution assistance unit in the Attorney General’s Office could assist with investigating physical abuse and neglect cases, as well as financial crimes against endangered adults.  Todd will partner with law enforcement, prosecutors, and Adult Protective Services to accomplish the shared goal of keeping our older loved ones safe.

This has been a trying year.  As our next Attorney General, Todd will partner with law enforcement on training and support.  We must ensure Indiana is prepared for the issues facing our state and nation, like those we’ve recently experienced, in the years to come. 

Todd knows we need to protect the Constitutional rights of our citizens to protest while also ensuring we do not condone lawlessness.  When lawlessness and rioting threaten to harm our freedoms, Todd will lead the legal charge to call out our National Guard to restore order.

As the father of a special needs child, Todd understands that many families and Indiana citizens face significant healthcare challenges.  We all know someone who has encountered a serious illness or who must contend with a pre-existing healthcare condition.

That’s why Todd supports having an Indiana-specific law in place to protect access to healthcare coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions. 

We can all agree that Washington bureaucrats, sitting thousands of miles away, should not have total control over our healthcare.  Some people keep pushing for the complete federal government takeover of our entire healthcare system.  That move toward socialism will only increase waiting lines for healthcare services, create inefficiencies, impose red tape, and result in even more lack of choices in the doctors and services we wish to have, or need.

Not long ago a Federal Appeals Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is unconstitutional.  That case is now on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.  This comes after billions and billions of dollars in federal government spending that did not erase the coverage gap. We saw people lose their private health plans and their choice of doctors.  In Indiana alone we had 11 insurers offering plans before Obamacare and we now only have 2 on the government exchanges, a loss of 82% in our choices.  We can, and must, do better.

The Supreme Court could agree with the lower court ruling that the ACA, Obamacare, is unconstitutional.  We should be prepared to do better as a state.

That’s why Todd supports reforms like those in other states which will help pave the way for Indiana to fully protect access to healthcare coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. 

These reforms can also work toward keeping premiums low for Indiana citizens. Low premiums help all Hoosiers find and access the best healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. 

Todd supports a better model which can be tailored specifically for Indiana with a GUARANTEED BENEFITS POOL for Indiana citizens with pre-existing conditions.  This reform would allow those with pre-existing conditions to receive the same care and benefits like every other citizen, without higher premiums. 

With this type of reform we can partner with the federal government, rather than turning our healthcare decisions completely over to Washington bureaucrats.

As our next Attorney General, Todd Rokita will provide the leadership needed to protect access to healthcare in Indiana, including those with pre-existing conditions.

Todd has a consistent and proven record of standing behind our job creators here in Indiana.

For multiple years Todd earned the NFIB’s Guardian of Small Business Award for supporting our small businesses.  Todd has long opposed red tape which smothers economic growth and he has opposed high taxes which harm our job creators.

As our next Attorney General, Todd will work with other Attorneys General from around the nation to stop other states from imposing their will on Indiana if it will impede our job growth here.  

We must protect our own economy and promote job growth.  As Indiana’s next Attorney General, Todd will safeguard Indiana jobs and our economy.

As our Secretary of State successfully serving for two terms, Todd ran his  office on less taxpayer funds than predecessors going back nearly 20 years.   He annually reverted funds back to the state instead of asking for increases.

As our Attorney General, Todd will be a watchdog against waste, fraud, corruption, and inefficiency in government.

Todd believes public servants should treat the money the government receives with care.  It is not their money, it is the people’s money. 

Serving Indiana as our next Attorney General, Todd will ensure each and every member of the Attorney General’s team keeps this principle in mind as they work to protect Indiana.

Our nation’s government was founded on a system of checks and balances.  Our system ensures that power is not concentrated in the hands of any one person or government entity.  This is essential for liberty.

Our United States Constitution was written to ensure we have checks and balances in Washington with three separate branches of government: a Judiciary, Congress, and the Presidency.  

It was also written to ensure that our States would have a large degree of local control.  The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

As our next Attorney General, Todd will stand up to federal overreach when Washington bureaucrats seek to impose their will, outside the law and Constitution, on our job creators and citizens.

It is critical that we protect Hoosiers from the heavy hand of the federal government.  

Our own State Legislature and Governor should have the ability to make decisions within Indiana without undue influence from the federal government.  This is yet another check and balance in our system of government. 

While some may claim that our state’s Attorney Generals cannot make China pay for their lies over the Wuhan Coronavirus, Todd will take action. China has caused dramatic damage to our economy from the COVID-19 Coronavirus. 

Our children’s education, our economy, and our personal liberty have all been impacted by China’s decisions.

As the only candidate for Attorney General who has actually held China accountable all the way to the World Economic Forum, Todd will seek to hold China accountable, both through the Foreign Powers Sovereignty Act and through divestment of Chinese Government Property that exists here in the United States and, specifically, in Indiana.  He will also help our state’s businesses diversify their supply lines to become less reliant on China, or any nation.

We need to get our economic liberty back, taken by China. 

As our next Attorney General, Todd will fight to ensure we regain our financial liberty.

Todd will stand behind our Constitutional protections, including the freedom of religion.  While many misinterpret this as a freedom from religion, Todd will work to protect our religious liberty. 

We are blessed to have a Constitution which defends the right to practice our faith without fear.  These freedoms go hand-in-hand with the freedom of speech. 

Too often these freedoms are called into question.  Todd will ensure our nation continues to have a fair exchange of ideas. 

In addition to opposing any efforts to allow our economy be shut down again, Todd will oppose having our Churches and synagogues shut down again by mandate. The Constitution does not stop being applicable because of an emergency. Our constitution protects every citizens God-given rights. By being responsible, exercising basic Hoosier common sense, we should never again be needlessly shut in our houses. 

As Todd has consistently done throughout his time in public service, he will also stand up to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights just as he has done with all Constitutional freedoms.

Todd knows, at its core, our 2nd Amendment is a bulwark against tyranny. 

Todd Rokita has been endorsed by the National Right to Life for Attorney General.

Our Declaration of Independence which helped establish our nation stated that we are created equal and that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Life is the very foundation of our democracy. 

As a Member of Congress Todd opposed taxpayer funding for abortion.  Todd also supported common sense laws like the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

For Todd, and his wife Kathy, being Pro-Life is personal.  

Their son Teddy was born with Angelman Syndrome. Teddy cannot speak, does not walk well and has a severe intellectual disability.  Todd has always said that God gave them Teddy and that he will change the world for the better in his own way. They believe every life is precious.

As our Secretary of State, Todd led the passage and then the implementation of Indiana’s Voter ID law, the first in the nation.

Despite attacks from out-of-state, activist liberal entities, Todd helped defend the law all the way to the United States Supreme Court and won.

Now over 35 states have followed Todd’s lead by implementing their own Voter ID laws.  Indiana led the nation.

As our next Attorney General, Todd will use his knowledge and skills to help protect our elections from fraud.  He will also be a voice for the nation in  pushing back on any efforts which could lead to fraud in our electoral process.

As a leader who helped stop illegal and unwanted robocalls, Todd will work to ensure the law is enforced and that groups who seek to undermine these protections are pushed back. 

Simply having the law in place is no longer an adequate protection.  More and more groups are seeking exceptions to the rule and technology has outpaced the existing statute.  Todd will lead the effort to update our robocalls law to restore the protections we intended.

He will also ensure the Attorney General’s office stands up for consumers.  Just as he did while Secretary of State helping stop financial fraud, Todd will be on guard for any fraud which may harm Indiana’s senior citizens, families and individuals.