Rokita Endorses President Donald J. Trump

Today, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is endorsing President Donald J. Trump for the 2024 Republican Presidential Nomination and to serve as President of the United States once again. Attorney General Rokita is releasing the following statement:

“I join millions of everyday Hoosiers in endorsing Donald Trump for President.

It should be painfully clear to everyone that President Trump’s liberty-loving, America First policies work far better than the Left’s woke grievance culture, which produces nothing but division, misery, and hate for our country, state, and each other.

I fight against this toxic culture every day for Hoosiers in court, and I know that Trump’s strength in pushing back against this extreme agenda is more critical now than ever. Whether it is our lawsuit stopping Joe Biden’s lawlessness at the southern border, our fight to keep parents in charge of children, or protecting children from the Left’s transanity, I can see firsthand that now is a time for patriots of strength. I find strength in my friend President Trump because he fights against the injustices perpetrated not only on him but on millions of Americans—and he always puts America First.

Even while being wrongfully harassed by a weaponized justice system for his entire presidency, our economy, respect on the world stage, and the promise of an even better America for our children and grandchildren were as high under Trump’s leadership as they were during the Reagan years. That is remarkable, considering Reagan did not have to deal with nearly as many rabid socialists who hate America as we all must contend with now.

President Trump is the leader we need now in the White House.”

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