Rokita Praises Fellow Hoosier Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court

September 26, 2020 

“Today is a big day for Indiana as a fellow Hoosier is nominated to the United States Supreme Court.  

Judge Amy Coney Barrett of South Bend has distinguished herself in many ways.

Judge Barrett is currently a federal judge sitting on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. She is also a law professor, teaching at Notre Dame Law School since 2002 and is alumna of the same school. Judge Barrett worked as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and previously served as a law clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals. Judge Barrett was named “Distinguished Professor of the Year” three separate times at Notre Dame, a decision made by students. In addition to Notre Dame, Judge Barrett taught at George Washington University Law School and as a visiting associate professor at the University of Virginia Law School.

She is a mother to seven children, including two who she and her husband adopted from Haiti. Her youngest child has Down Syndrome. 

As a father to a child who also has a genetic disorder, I understand the love, devotion, and commitment that comes with raising a child with special needs.

In addition to all these things, Judge Barrett is also an active member of the Catholic Church. 

In a nation where we live under the motto, “IN GOD WE TRUST,” this should not be controversial. Sadly, for some, it is. Already some in the media and on the far-left political spectrum have begun to attack Judge Barrett due to her faith. It is the very definition of bigotry. As a nation we should reject those attacks.

Recently John Garvey, the President of the Catholic University of America and former dean of the Boston College Law School and past President of the Association of American Law Schools noted, in supporting Judge Barrett for the high court, that when she was nominated to be a judge on the 7th Circuit every law clerk who had served with her at the U.S. Supreme Court, including Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s clerks, supported her nomination.

As Hoosiers we should be proud and honored to have Amy Coney Barrett selected by President Trump for our nation’s Supreme Court.”

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