Bipartisan Indiana State Police Alliance, representing Indiana’s State Troopers, backs Rokita for Attorney General

Bipartisan Indiana State Police Alliance, representing our state's troopers, backs Rokita for Attorney General

INDIANAPOLIS – The bipartisan Indiana State Police Alliance, representing Indiana’s State Troopers, today officially endorsed Todd Rokita for Attorney General.

“We are honored to bring forward an endorsement of Todd Rokita for Indiana’s Attorney General,” stated Cory Martin, Executive Director of the Indiana State Police Alliance, “Mr. Rokita stands to protect Hoosiers from crime, fight lawlessness in our streets, and uphold our constitutional rights. It is because of his tremendous support and dedication that our Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse Mr. Rokita.”

“It is critical we stand behind our law enforcement. It is critical we defend – not defund – our police. It is critical we protect the citizens of Indiana and put Hoosiers first. I want to thank the Indiana State Police Alliance for their endorsement and support today. It speaks volumes that Indiana’s State Troopers are standing behind me,” said Rokita in accepting the endorsement.

“I want all Hoosiers to know I will defend and uphold the Constitution and Rule of Law for all citizens regardless of background or political party,” Rokita added.

Todd Rokita is Indiana’s former two-term Secretary of State and Member of Congress. Todd has made upholding the rule of law and the Constitution a centerpiece of his campaign. He is the only candidate for Attorney General who has helped prosecute criminals and win cases for Indiana at the U.S. Supreme Court, through his service as Secretary of State.

“I will stand up against lawlessness, like the looting, rioting, and destruction we have seen in our nation’s streets. We cannot be a nation which values the Rule of Law if we won’t speak up to enforce it. As a supporter of our Constitution I will always defend our citizen’s rights to free speech – to make their voice heard. Along with the freedom of religion and all Constitutional rights. However, we cannot – and I will not – stand for lawlessness,” Rokita said.

The Indiana State Police Alliance is the bipartisan organization representing focuses on promoting better law enforcement for the citizens of Indiana and gaining state-wide support for Indiana troopers. They also provide funeral support and survivor benefits, college scholarships, and numerous community support activities throughout the state.

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