Todd Rokita Statement on Executive Orders Related to COVID-19

HENDRICKS COUNTY — Below is a statement from former Indiana Secretary of State, Member of Congress, and Republican Nominee for Attorney General Todd Rokita:

“Our laws did not anticipate the situation we have today and it has raised valid concerns about individual liberty while protecting public health. Our Emergency Disaster Law, like those in other states, was written with short term incidents like floods, explosions, contamination spills, localized health endangerment, or even acts of terrorism in mind. The word “temporary” exists repeatedly within this law. This Chinese virus has impacted our health, our economy, people’s paychecks, and our kid’s education for months. I look forward to our General Assembly clarifying this law, and if I am Attorney General our Governor, Senators and Representatives can count on my support working with them to reform the law, maximizing individual liberty while protecting the public.”

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