Rokita Wins the Republican Nomination to Serve as Indiana’s Next Attorney General

HENDRICKS COUNTY —  Todd Rokita issued the following statement upon wining the Republican Nomination for Attorney General:

I am humbled by the support of Delegates from throughout Indiana who have nominated me to serve as Indiana’s next Attorney General.

I want to thank our great team of tireless volunteers and supporters.

For eight years I served as Indiana’s Secretary of State, after winning two statewide elections, and I look forward to earning the trust and support of voters once again to serve as Indiana’s next Attorney General.

As Secretary of State I operated my office efficiently, using less taxpayer dollars than predecessors going back nearly two decades. I created the Prosecution Assistance Unit (PAU) to find, and bring to justice, criminals defrauding Hoosiers.

With work as Secretary of State I have a record Hoosiers can trust.

As our next Attorney General I will help ensure that we always protect Hoosiers with pre-existing healthcare conditions, that we operate the AG’s office efficiently and protect taxpayer dollars, that we uphold the rule of law to protect our communities from crime, that we support a growing economy, and we safeguard our Constitutional freedoms along with common sense, conservative values.

I look forward to serving with integrity as Indiana’s next Attorney General.

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