How To Vote!


Luke Messer and Mike Braun have a long record as members of the Elite…

Mike Braun

  1. Voted for 45 tax and fee increases in Indiana legislature
  2. Voted for a $1 billion tax hike, the largest tax increase in the history of Indiana
  3. Voted in Democratic primaries for 20 years including the 2008 Democratic primary for either Crooked Hillary or Obama
  4. Supports Common Core


Luke Messer

  1. Supports amnesty for illegal aliens
  2. Called for a white knight candidate to steal the nomination from President Trump
  3. Sold his home in Indiana and moved to Washington D.C. just like Evan Bayh
  4. Former lobbyist

Todd Rokita is the Pro-Trump, conservative fighter who will Drain the Swamp and Defeat the Elite.

Todd Rokita

  1. 100% pro-life
  2. “A” rated by the NRA
  3. Pro-Trump
  4. Build the Wall
  5. Make English the official language
  6. End sanctuary cities
  7. Term limits
  8. No budget, no pay for politicians
  9. Ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists

Vote for Todd Rokita to Defeat the Elite!

Important Dates
December 1, 2017 — First day voters can file an absentee ballot application with a county election board.
April 10, 2018 — First day voters may vote by absentee ballot for the 2018 Republican primary election in the office of the county election board or satellite facility.
April 30, 2018 — Last day for absentee-by-mail applications can be received by the county office for the 2018 Republican primary election.
May, 8 2018 — Primary Election Day

Vote Early or Absentee!

Download an application below to vote absentee-in-person or absentee-by-mail.

Absentee-By-Mail Ballot Application

Absentee-In-Person Ballot Application

*All registered voters in Indiana are eligible to vote absentee-in-person at the county election board office beginning 28 days before Election Day. Click here to see if you are eligible to vote absentee-by-mail.


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