What Hoosiers Need to Know


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Todd Rokita

  • Todd Rokita is the conservative fighter who will stand with President Trump and Drain the Swamp
  • Todd Rokita is 100% pro-life and A-Rated by the NRA
  • Todd Rokita has never raised taxes and never will.
  • Todd Rokita opposes amnesty, will crackdown on sanctuary cities and send politicians who obstruct federal immigration law to jail, and make English the official language.

Luke Messer

  • Luke Messer voted to raise taxes by $900 million to provide corporate welfare to the NFL to build a stadium while in the state legislature.
  • Luke Messer voted for as much as $500 million in property tax increases while in the state legislature.
  • Luke Messer supported amnesty for illegal immigrants, and even voted to make Indiana a sanctuary state while in the state legislature.  Messer’s calls for amnesty echoed Obama, Hillary, Schumer, and Pelosi.
  • Luke Messer is a country club Republican and a Never Trumper.  He called President Trump “unpresidential” and a race baiter, basically claiming Trump was an embarrassment to the GOP even as Trump ran against Hillary Clinton. Messer went as far as to call for a “white knight” to steal the nomination from Trump at the convention.  [FOOTAGE]
  • Luke Messer is the ultimate political insider.  Messer is a lobbyist who sold his Indiana house and moved to the DC Swamp just like Evan Bayh
  • Luke Messer is a swamp creature.  His wife has a sweetheart deal, only accessible to a politically connected individual, where she makes $240,000 a year at taxpayer expense for part-time legal work.  That’s nearly 5 times the average income of a Hoosier family. [DETAILS]

Mike Braun

  • Tax Hike Mike Braun claims to be an outsider, but he gave Hoosiers the largest tax increase in history in 2017, raising taxes 45 times by over $1 billion.
  • Braun raises tax like a Democrat—because he’s a lifelong Democrat.  He voted in Democrat primaries for three decades…and now he won’t say if he voted for Obama or Hillary in 2008!
  • Braun claims he’s looking out for American workers, but he’s made millions selling autoparts made in China, Mexico and other foreign countries.
  • www.MikeHikedTaxes.com

Joe Donnelly

  • Joe Donnelly is no moderate.  Donnelly votes with socialist Bernie Sanders over 80% of the time, endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, and votes against President Trump’s agenda.
  • Donnelly sided with Pelosi on passing ObamaCare, and Donnelly still defends it.
  • Donnelly voted for the Schumer Gang of 8 amnesty deal
  • Donnelly voted for Obama’s gun regulations in 2013.
  • Donnelly votes with the abortion-lobby
  • Donnelly voted for the dangerous Iranian nuclear deal that handed a $150 billion to the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.
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