Leaders of Trump’s Indiana Campaign Endorse Rokita


April 9, 2018

Dear Indiana Trump Supporters,

Thanks to your dedication and hard work, we have President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the White House, and they are following through on their promises to Make America Great Again!  Tax cuts and deregulation have the economy booming. Neil Gorsuch sits on the Supreme Court with many more conservative judges in our federal courts to protect our rights and our Constitution. And President Trump continues to fight to strengthen our military, build the Wall to protect our borders, and drain the DC swamp.

As we turn our attention to the 2018 elections, your continued involvement and support for President Trump is critical.  As we campaigned throughout the state in 2016, many of you told us you hadn’t voted in decades or ever because you didn’t trust the D.C. establishment.  However, you believed in Donald J. Trump and you came out to vote for him. President Trump needs you to help him again in 2018 by delivering the ally he needs in the U.S. Senate.

Washington liberals like Nancy Pelosi and her extremist cohorts want to impeach our President even though their accusations are baseless.  Most of the national media is on their side and even some members of the dying Republican establishment seem intent on obstructing President Trump’s efforts to deliver on his campaign promises.    

President Trump needs our support, and he needs another Indiana Republican Senator to stand with him in these endless tough fights with the entrenched Washington establishment.  Indiana doesn’t have that in Senator Joe Donnelly.

When it has come to critical issues like Obamacare, the Iran Nuclear deal, and most recently the Trump tax cuts and our border security, Donnelly is always on the wrong side.  He is now clearly part of the obstructionist resistance movement in Washington. Joe Donnelly must be replaced with a conservative, a fighter and a champion for President Trump’s agenda.  

For these reasons and more, we are endorsing Todd Rokita for U.S. Senate.  Todd Rokita was the only member of Indiana’s congressional delegation that reached out to us to ask how he could help President Trump, and that meant a lot to us.  He wholeheartedly was with Donald Trump during the toughest days of the campaign against Hillary Clinton and he has been through the tough fights since the election.  He stood tall for Donald Trump when other Hoosier Republican elected officials would not or ran away entirely.

Along with thousands of volunteers, we worked hard for Donald Trump in Indiana and it frustrated us when our fellow Hoosier Republicans would distance themselves from him by written statements to the media or would show up on CNN and C-Span criticizing him.

Whether this type of criticism came during the campaign or after he was elected, it has all played into the hands of Democrats and the media and has kept his approval ratings much lower than they should have been and has made it more difficult for the President to be effective.  With all his accomplishments in a hostile environment, just think of what he could do without the obstructionists and with real allies in Congress.

Others now say they are for the Trump agenda because they are running for office and know that Hoosiers love President Trump and delivered a 20-point victory for him in 2016.  But we know who was with us in 2016 and who was not.

President Trump is under attack in Washington and this won’t change until we elect like-minded leaders to Congress that were with him before it became politically expedient for them.  We need someone who will fight to change the U.S. Senate for the better to help our President – someone that we know will stick with him through the tough fights. That candidate is Todd Rokita!

We can’t trade liberal Joe Donnelly for a Republican we can’t count on to stand with President Trump.  We ask you to help our President by supporting Todd Rokita as the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate.  



Rex Early
Indiana Chairman
Trump-Pence 2016

Tony Samuel
Indiana Vice-Chairman
Trump-Pence 2016

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